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Making Proofing Graphics Quick, Efficient And Accurate.


How Can ImageCompare Help You?

ImageCompare helps make life easier for you by ensuring that your artwork files and printed packaging meet your approved standards thus eliminating  errors that may result in a costly packaging recall.

How Does ImageCompare Work?

ImageCompare provides accurate results by comparing components and artwork pixel by pixel to ensure there are no differences between the original, revisions and finished printed components. This process allows files to be vendor approved prior to printing, ensuring a reduction in time to market.

A scanner for copying paper files.The person copies the files on the scanner..jpg
Image by Markus Winkler

Accuracy Throughout

ImageCompare provides accuracy that is second to none, allowing your files to be compared pixel by pixel within a matter of seconds. This solution ensures no errors go undetected, allowing the process to continue and your products to reach market faster.

Click on the video below to see how ImageCompare works!

ImageCompare Clients


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