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Colour Verification

At DVS we provide 2 solutions that compare and control colour: xRite and VeriVide. 

Take a look at both of the products below:

What Is X-Rite eXact?

X-rite eXact is a leading solution for measuring colour in printing and packaging. Technology ranging from densitometers through to advanced spectrophotometers, for use with paper, film and other substrates. X-rite is one of the most accurate and consistent colour measurement tools on the market.


What does VeriVide Colour Evaluation do?

When working with Pantone publications or hardcopy colour standards, it is also important to ensure that the colour evaluation is conducted in the correct lighting environment. The type of lighting in which the colour is viewed under can significantly alter the visual affect. The range of light boxes and light sources at VeriVide ensure that the colour is approved under the required ambient conditions.

Colour Verification Tools 

CCC 120 Medium sized Cabinet with a concave deck to optimise viewing


Colour Management Viewing Station (CMVS)

th (2).jpg

Light Cabinet – 600mm – 4 Lights


For more information on our Colour Verification products 

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